“Talking with Beth has been the single most important 
thing I’ve done to redirect and 
reshape my life. Her counsel has 
set my mind at 
ease on numerous occasions. Working with her 
has taught me 
that we can make positive, powerful 
changes–and there are many forces 
available to us.

For anyone 
interested in 
moving forward 
with purpose, Beth can help.

Beth is a gifted intuitive and a 
session with her 
can be a vigorous ‘wake up call’. 
I found her recommendations— both concrete and spiritual—to be magically on 
target. I think 
of Beth as a ‘light-worker’ whose gift of insight can be 
a cause for rejoicing.”

Laya Seghi, 
LCSW Florida

“I have done hundreds of interviews over the past 30 years as a pioneer in women’s studies, an author, lecturer, university faculty member and public humanities scholar. From Morning Edition’s Susan Stanberg on NPR and Amy Goodman on Democracy Now to Jenny Murray and “The Woman’s Hour” hosted by BBC Radio, I’ve worked with gifted and skilled journalists. Yet, Beth Wilson’s approach was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Her questions were penetrating, not only did she know my material well, she had much to offer in terms of her own knowledge and insights. Her unique gift enabled me, as her guest, to make new insights, new connections that I have no doubt will have a lasting impact on her audience.”

Sally Roesch Wagner, Ph.D. author of Sisters In Spirit and President of The Gage Foundation

“Beth Wilson can be summed up in one word, ‘versatile’. As the host of the #1 VoiceAmerica talk show, Quantum Leaps, Beth interviews Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell one week and the next one of the most successful television producers of all time, Beth Sullivan, then we tune in for world leader Dr. Riane Eisler, and up next ground-breaking psychologist and author of Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls, Mary Pipher, Ph.D. Beth sees in 360 degrees and her thinking is always cutting new ground for her listeners–often speaking what is in their hearts and minds. Beth is straight up, speaks common sense and that is why people are listening!”

Elizabeth Diane & Andrew Marshall, authors of Listening With Heart 360: The New Paradigm for Women

“Beth Wilson shows us how to hold on to our sense of humor and our sense of self. She helps us to do more than survive as parents; she helps us to soar.”

Jennifer Louden, best-selling author of The Woman’s Comfort Book, The Woman’s Retreat Book and Comfort Queens