He’s Just No Good For You: A Guide to Getting Out of a Destructive Relationship

“Finally, here is a guide for freeing women who are ensnared unnecessarily in relationships that are emotionally abusive. A must read.” —John Gottman, author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

Psychologists estimate that up to 55% of men are bad news when it comes to their intimate relationships so it’s not 
surprising that many of us find ourselves with toxic guys. So
 what’s a girl to do? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about having the love you really want.

In He’s Just No Good For You, I talk about lies 
and deception—women’s kryptonite—and other red flags to look out for when getting involved with a man as well as watching out for “the dirty dozen”—profiles of twelve types of men you want to avoid.

Actress Sharon Stone once said: “Women may fake orgasms but men fake entire relationships.” Don’t get ensnared or allow a destructive man to string you along rather than building a real relationship. Good men may be hard to find, but it 
can be done! Here’s what to look for:

Remember, all relationships take some work, but the good 
ones have flow, they’re loving despite occasional ups and downs….you don’t spend so much time trying to recover from abusive, crazy-making behavior. Instead, you have time for romance, family time, laughing at each other’s jokes, making love and growing closer, together.

“For many women, connection is the source of life and a toxic relationship can be the deepest kind of wound. Beth’s revealing work allows a woman to let go, disentangle, and go beyond who she thought herself to be, for an unthinkable quality of life. A woman can learn how to move from being a victim to an ‘agent of change.'” —Bonita Banducci, CEO of GenderWorks, Founder of The Global Women’s Leadership Network at Santa Clara University

“A ground-breaking book, He’s Just No Good For You reassesses the basis for female relationships. By unpacking the characteristics of problematic individuals, Beth Wilson creates a road map that allows women to free themselves from destructive influences.” —Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Ph.D, economist, founding president of the Center for Work-Life Policy, author of eight Harvard Business Review articles and nine critically acclaimed nonfiction books including When the Bough Breaks (winner of a Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Book Prize), and Off-Ramps and On-Ramps (Harvard Business Press, named as one of the best business books of 2007 by Amazon.com)

“Women of all ages need to read this book! Beth brings a fresh approach to the topic and a compassionate voice, focusing on women’s empowerment and learning to trust ourselves, especially in relationships.” —Lisa Frederiksen, author of If You Loved Me, You’d Stop!

“Beth Wilson’s words fire with arrowlike precision to help women penetrate the layers of programming that keep them trapped in unhealthy relationships. This books is a true friend to women because it tells the truth.” —Elizabeth Diane & Andrew Marshall, author of Listening With Heart 360:Wisdom Women Have Forgotten

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