Life Coaching

“I want people to succeed and my methods get results. I combine life skills coaching with a variety of intuitive talents for a unique approach to accelerated personal growth and creative life change. I believe in the power of individuals to create new paths and methods of expressing their talents so all may benefit. I can assist you in actively choose the direction you want to go and then explore ways of getting there. By utilizing my perceptive skills, problem-solving can be expedited and realigned with your dreams and goals; and barriers can be quickly identified and, in many cases, removed.

“My approach is fresh. Whether we are discussing challenges in relationships repairing the past, improving physical and financial health, contemplating a career change, or exploring new opportunities, every session provides the opportunity for positive change, healing, opening doors to new possibilities and uplifting the spirit.

“Humor and finesse, playful determination and profound guidance all play a part in activating dynamic change. My sessions are electric with discovery, intent with focus and outrageously numinous. We have fun, even when the issues are thorny. And if tears are in order, we go with the flow. We can go any direction–and we often do. A safe and relaxing atmosphere contributes to the comfort and well-being of the client–and you can feel secure in knowing that you will be seen and heard in a profound way.

“I help you to connect and then apply your newly-acquired knowledge in a concrete way. The results are transformative.”