The Sisterhood Code®

Did you know that women with fewer than four friends are twice as likely to have heart disease? Let’s face it, women need women friends. We thrive in the sisterhood: a trusted circle of friends, a circle of “sisters” who generously offer wisdom, support, laughter and growth. Yet, have you ever noticed that women who operate as “sisters” are distinctly different than those who don’t? Women that possess a particular type of social intelligence, “a sisterhood code”, relate to members of their own sex as potential allies instead of potential enemies. Their first instinct is not competition, but connection.

Women that follow The Sisterhood Code® have each others back– and though they may not always see eye to eye, they love them in a special way; a way that recognizes and consciously embraces the feminine strands that weave us together.

Come join bestselling author, speaker, and Transformational Life Coach, Beth Wilson, to explore the powerful ethos of The Sisterhood Code®, an ancient system still alive today that transcends catty attitudes and socially sanctioned competition, in order to create a meaningful circle of friends. Without the guiding principles of The Sisterhood Code®, it’s all too easy to become influenced by cultural programming that:

As a woman, you’re awarded the opportunity to reconnect with your own true self when you make a conscience commitment to The Sisterhood Code®. You’ll learn how to become a better friend to other women and how to avoid the “mean girls”.

Come to one of the following ONE DAY WORKSHOPS and join us on this transformational journey!

May 23 + 24, 2015–Kona, Hawaii– SOLD OUT

June 14 + 15, 2015–Greensboro, North Carolina

June 20 + 21, 2015–Wilmington, North Carolina

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