Could You or Your Company Use the Skills of a Professional Writer?

Beth is not only a successful author in her own right, her enthusiasm for writing and assisting others’ to express their ideas and develop their voice to entertain, inform or both is a life-long passion. Experienced in classroom teaching as well as working one-on-one with other authors, Beth offers writers the structure needed to skillfully articulate their ideas while her highly creative mind can quickly produce alternative angles from which to view the subject matter, thus strengthening the final product. Perhaps most important, she assists writers, no matter whether they are newcomers to the publishing world or have had much success with the written word, to more confidently express their thoughts and “writer’s voice.”

In addition, Beth has written for television, film, fiction and non-fiction works, as well as commercial content for corporations, particularly in the areas of PR and Marketing…and she looks forward to working with you or your company to use the written word to express your ideas, pen your passions or reach your business goals.