“Beth Wilson’s Quantum Leaps VoiceAmerica Satellite Radio show is paving the way. With 10 billion internet video streams per month watched by American viewers alone, online radio is the place to be, and Beth Wilson is there. Beth and her guests, who include cutting edge professionals with innovate approaches to health, personal transformation and life improvements, are discussing topics ranging from destructive relationships to brain mapping to Alzheimer’s to women’s currency and so much more.”

Lisa Frederiksen, National speaker and author

“Beth Wilson’s brand of empowerment is partnership leadership in action. She brings out the best in her guest while offering her listeners insights and inspiration to change themselves, their communities and the world. (Quantum Leaps Radio Show)

Riane Eisler, Ph.D. Founder of The Institute for The Partnership Way and author of numerous books including The Chalice and the Blade

“You are a wonder-
filled, gifted, loving, 
insightful, and a thoroughly 
kind of a goddess! Thank you for a 
session that was 
such a gift. It truly made an enormous difference in the outcome of our 
twins birth. Keep up your amazing work! The world needs you!”

Kari Henley, Columnist for The Huffington Post and Founder and President of GatherCentral.com

“Beth’s multiple senses as a Life Coach helps reveal seeds of dreams that can catalyze our soul’s work. Our many sessions that spanned over years opened my imagination and gave me needed insight to bring The Flag Foundation into reality. On behalf of the many who benefit from our work, we remain deeply grateful to Beth’s vision and dedicated direction.”

Kimberly Carlisle, Olympian, President of Carlisle Enterprises and Founder of The Flag Foundation